Your Top 10 Favorite Blog Posts of 2019

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When other bloggers post their top 10 most popular posts, I always get super excited to read them! Or top product posts too! It’s always so interesting to see what’s trending, something that went viral or a subject readers just absolutely loved. So, without further ado, here’s your top 10 favorite blog posts of 2019!

10 Outfits I Wore in Oahu, Hawaii - Sunshine Style

10 Outfits I Wore in Hawaii

This post went absolutely viral on Pinterest. It was my goal to really step up my Pinterest game in 2019 and I did accomplished it! A result of all the blood, sweat and tears, I created this blog post with the simple graphic above. There is absolutely nothing fancy about it! Yet, it brought in over 40,000 views! It was pretty exciting because I have always wanted a pin to go viral!

Pinterest is an interesting platform. I would say that many people who click on certain posts just want quick help and don’t turn into long term returning readers. It’s like when you want a recipe and look it up on Pinterest. Once you have the goods, it’s so long, never to see that website again. I am guilty of doing it all the time. My bigger goal for this year is to turn Pinterest clicks into readers that stick around forever! Friends who stay together, play together!

I personally messaged a few people who pinned this pin asking why they found it helpful. Whoever told me to do that…it was a GREAT piece of advice. Most responded saying that they were heading to Hawaii in a few months and needed ideas on what to wear!

12 Stylish Backpacks for Travel and Everyday - Includes My Fav Backpack Brands from Herschel, Target, ShopBop, and Everlane

Stylish Backpacks for Travel

Once I got the hang of Pinterest and using it as a search engine, I started creating blog content that I knew would bring in big page views. This travel backpack post is a perfect example of that. Like I said, this year I am really going to focus on reaching those who are returning visitors and to build a community, not just obsessing over page views and numbers. It’s good to grow but it’s even better to have a steady number of returning visitors! If you are one of them, I appreciate you more than you know!

How to Dress for Fall When It Feels Like Summer

Another pin gone viral. Apparently I am not the only one who wants to dress for each season even when it’s blazing hot out. These photos aren’t even great quality yet it was the third popular post! I really feel like tropical, coastal and warm-weather fashion is my niche and hope to create even more content like that this year!

2o Items I Pack in My Beach Bag

Nothing makes me happpier than the beach. Super excited to see this one on the list. I will probably end up creating an updated one for this year!

How I Edit My Photos for Instagram

When Instagram was less saturated and filters or presets were not as well known, I used to get questions frequently asking how I edited my Insta photos. I went back to when I first started my Insta, took a screenshot on my phone, created the graphic and wrote a blog post that gave very detailed steps on my editing process. This is probably one of my favorite posts because I just love editing photos and spent a lot of time making sure it was valuable and helpful. I miss the old days of Instagram and sometimes get jealous of my old feed ha!

What to Pack for Hawai: The Complete Oahu, Hawaii Packing List

What I Packed for My One Month Hawaii Trip

After I spent a month in Hawaii, I knew exactly what to pack and what not to. You ever go on a trip and wonder if you are even packing the right clothes? I brought two huge suitcases with me and probably wore about 60% of my clothes. I just truly didn’t know what exactly I needed, even after researching and reading other blogs. Swimsuits and shorts are a must! I hope to create way more posts like this in the future because I enjoy it so much.

Festive Christmas Party Outfit // What to Wear for a Christmas Party // Christmas Day Outfit // Green Blouse // Grey Over the Knee Boots // LOFT Swing Skirt - More on www.sunshinestyleblog.com

How to Style Boots for the Winter

For this post I took a bunch of older photos from blog posts and gave style ideas on how to wear different boots like ankle and over the knee. It’s actually a really detailed and thought out post with good info!

Savannah Travel Guide: 48 Hours in Savannah, GA

Most of the trips I seem to take are short 2-3 days. It’s usually budget friendly, gets the travel bug out for a little bit and the amount of time I can take off work without going broke. I love Savannah and have been there a few times, one in college with my sorority sisters and a couple other times with my family. I will say, if you go, go in the winter or fall. Summer is still very humid and kind of miserable!

4 Ways to Style Mom Jeans + Why I’m a Fan of Them

Mom jeans were one of those trends I was super hesitant to try. Boy am I glad I did. I think this post was so popular because 1) jeans are loved by everyone (or most) and 2) they are a newer type style and people are interested to see style inspiration for them.

Do you have a favorite blog post of mine from 2019?! Is there anything you want to see that I wrote about last year or a new topic?! Drop a comment below!

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