12 Stylish Backpacks for Travel and Everyday

12 Stylish Backpacks for Travel and Everyday - Includes My Fav Backpack Brands from Herschel, Target, ShopBop, and Everlane

I am a backpack girl all the way! You will catch me wearing one when I run errands, on the weekends and also when I travel. The easiness and being able to be hands free is what makes a backpack so appealing to me. After traveling to Hawaii, I realized I didn’t own a proper backpack for travel. I already had a million stylish backpacks for everyday but owned zip for easy travel. Not having a great travel backpack is a nightmare. It was frustrating to get out my plane passes and wallet, there was no support and the one I had did not easily hold my laptop. So the research began to find the best travel backpacks for women. I’ve narrowed down 12 stylish backpacks from brands I personally love and all have rave reviews. See which ones I chose below!

12 Stylish Backpacks for Travel and Everyday - Includes My Fav Backpack Brands from Herschel, Target, ShopBop, and Everlane

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There are so many backpacks on the market. Some are stylish and some not so stylish. When I wear a backpack weather on a plane, exploring a new place or out for lunch, I need it to be functional but I also want it to look good! That’s why I created this list because I knew if I was frustrated, you must be looking for a great backpack to! Makes me want to go back to school shopping and buy a backpack other than a Jansport HA! Seriously, who had a Jansport? I swear that was the only brand of backpack to buy when I was in school but they were the best!

To me there are two types of backpacks, ones for travel and ones for everyday. A travel backpack is usually larger, more durable and has several compartments for storage. An everyday backpack is smaller, lightweight and enhances your outfit! I prefer to own two different kind of backpacks but most of the travel backpacks below can work for both travel and everyday!

Travel Backpacks:

I literally love all of the travel backpacks I’ve linked above. My favorite brand I recently discovered is Herschel. They sell bags, backpacks and really great suitcases that are super pretty and durable. All of the reviews on the Herschel backpacks are amazing. People have purchased this bag (that comes in 4 colors!) for not only travel but school, work and some even said it works as a diaper bag which is a win win. The majority of the travel backpacks I’ve linked are multi-purpose and can be used for an everyday bag also, it just comes down to preference. I prefer a large travel backpack like this super cute palm print one to fit in all my travel necessities like a laptop, snacks, water bottle and sweatshirt. The bag I wore on my flight to Hawaii was so small and stuffed, I looked like a turtle with a huge shell that was about to fall over.

Another brand I love is Everlane and they have the most simple and elegant bags. This one comes with a laptop compartment, side pockets for a water bottle (a non-negotiable for me), a snap closure for quick access and is under $70!

I mentioned that I had been researching a ton about great travel backpacks and found this Madewell leather backpack with really amazing reviews as a perfect travel bag! Dress Corilynn recommended it and said she was using it for her European vacation this summer! It comes with a steep price tag but it’s probably my favorite bag on the list and could double as an everyday bag/purse. The reason I like it so much is that it’s leather, meaning it will last super long and would also match my entire wardrobe since it’s a light brown color.

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Everyday Backpacks:

Ooooh, yay for everyday backpacks! For a travel bag, I don’t mind splurging a bit for a bag that will last me years but when it comes to an everyday bag, I tend to look for more budget friendly options. Any bag under $100 is great, but any bag under $50 is even better! Almost all the everyday backpacks I found are under $50! This adorable bag from Target’s new Universal Thread line looks like a mini version of the leather Madewell bag I mentioned above and is under $30! If your like me and love a good stripe, this drawstring bag is only $45!

Most of the everyday bags are small enough, you can pack them into a suitcase when traveling. I use them as a purse to explore a new city, shop and hold small items like a phone, snacks, wallet, gum, pens, etc. I did this when I was in Hawaii and it was such a brilliant idea. I loaded my travel bag full and then carried a lighter and smaller bag with me around the island. This pink Herschel backpack would the perfect option to pack in a suitcase and comes in 5 colors!

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Stylish Travel Outfit with a Backpack

When I travel, I want to be comfortable but also look nice! Here’s a cute monochromatic pink travel outfit you can wear with a backpack! I love this casual look so much, it’s giving me the travel bug!

T-Shirt / Joggers (come in 11 colors, including pink!) / Sneakers / Backpack / Water Bottle

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    That pink Herschel one is so cute!! I’m going to add that to my want list!

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      Sunshine Style
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      It totally is Shannon!!!! I am traveling soon to help my sister move and the same backpack is on my list!!! =)

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    Emily Fang
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    The easiness and being able to be hands free is what makes a backpack so appealing to me.

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      Same! I love sunny Spring days!

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