Colorful Summer to Fall Transition Pieces

Here we are! Gearing up for fall! I hope this post inspires you to take some of your summer pieces and easily transition them info fall! Just the other day I heard someone say, “only 15 weeks till Christmas”. Like huh, we’re just getting started on fall?! Yep total denial were midway through Sept. Now, I am not in any rush fashion wise. No matter where you live, all of these pieces are going to get you in the fall spirit to make the transition that much easier and fun. Lets enjoy this season!

Really though, this week kicked me in the butt. There were things that happened that were just way out of my control and circumstances I couldn’t change that led me to start stressing about the next two to three months. My brain wouldn’t shut off and I lost a little bit of sleep over the situation. It took me a few days to recover and rocked me pretty hard.

Ever feel you totally have it all figured out, you can do it all on your own, feelin pretty confident and then your strong foundation is not actually that strong!? God is really stretching me in this area lately. Like realllly stretching. I was really encouraged by the verse in Matthew where it talks about not worrying about tomorrow or the day after or the next month or next year. Cause this girl wants to know the future and have it planned out ha. Instead of rushing forward, I want to enjoy each day and to be grateful for what I have in each moment. This situation in teaching me to literally just take it day by day, hour by hour.

Fashion tells us we need to be onto the next best thing, must have, buy now, need this or your life will feel incomplete. As a fashion blogger, believe me, I get wrapped up way to hard in this mindset. But like I am learning, taking things slow and enjoying the moment is A-OK! Lets take this easing into fall season slow! No need to rush anything, just enjoy the progress as we say goodbye to summer and enter into PSL season. And I don’t even drink coffee. Sayy what?! Anyways, moving on!

Outfit Details

LOFT Top / Ann Taylor Wide Leg Pants (similar) / Basket Bag (similar) / Target Loafers

Colorful and Textured Fall Tops

My favorite subject, color! πŸ˜‰ This part is so easy. As I ease into fall, I like to trade out my brightly colored summer tops for appropriate fall hues like burnt orange, gold, navy, ivory and blush pink. I also start to wear more tops made of silk, polyester and always lightweight cotton with unique textures.

This LOFT top is a recent find that is totally appropriate for fall dressing. It has almost a crepe texture to it but still soft! During the first few months of fall, I plan on styling it with white wide leg denim! Then as the months move on, I will pair it will darker denim and then brown or black faux-leather skirts.

Tank Tops and Short Sleeve

It is still very warm here in Florida. That means blouses, blazers or coats are out of question. My next best option is tank tops and short sleeve tops in fall hues. I love this orange silky tank top, gold crepe peplum top or this ivory wrap top.

Long Sleeve Blouses

Eventually I’ll transition into longer sleeve blouses. I think blouses are so classic and just love how they make you feel powerful and feminine ha. I truly feel myself in blouses tucked into white denim or mom jeans when the weather cooperates. Truly, I wish I could wear way more blouses than I do. This this floral print top with ruffles and this silky pink v-neck top are on my wish list!

Denim Wide Leg Pants

My most worn pants are the wide leg pants from Ann Taylor a few seasons back. To me they are more comfy than skinny jeans! I own a white and dark denim pair and when I taught, I would rotate each pair every week. If you are going to invest in something for fall, I would recommend these pants! Madewell and Everlane are the two places that make the best wide leg pants in terms of shape and fit in my opinion. White is perfectly okay to wear after Labor Day and a dark denim pair are great if you work in an office with casual dress code or casual Fridays.

Classic Backless Mules and Loafers

You literally hear me rave about my beloved white loafers all the time. They are without a doubt my most worn shoe. Running out of the house, their the first shoe I grab, job interviews their my go-to, and when I taught and subbed, I wore them almost every single day. Shoes are normally something I will spend a little more money on but these babies are from Target. For a shoe under $25, their great!

For fall, I tend to wear white, pink and yellow colored mules. I do want to buy some true loafers for fall like this beautiful pair made by Sperry.

Basket Bags

Fall is obviously not going top stop me from wearing straw and woven bags. I truly don’t wear any other kind of bag. So this isn’t just some, do it for the gram moment where I show you the cutest, most on trend, burgundy and cognac colored bags telling you to buy something I legit don’t wear. This is what I wear! My bag here is made from a pretty light colored straw, so I would say if you are going to be buying straw bags, go for darker colored straw with brown accents like this bag and this bag. Make sure to stop by next week for a post where I actually am wearing a dark colored straw bag!

Outfit Details

LOFT Top / Ann Taylor Wide Leg Pants (similar) / Basket Bag (similar) / Target Loafers

Remember, there is no rush. We can enjoy fall while it’s here and look cute while we at it.

Who’s super excited to kick of fall!? What other pieces would you like to see styled for fall?! Let me know in the comments!

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    You wear color so well, and I am so jealous!! I have been trying to expand my color wearing into this season, and it is a struggle for me not to go for neutrals and navy, ahah! Happy fall, well kind of fall, to you, Katie!! πŸ™‚

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