3 Reasons To Invest in Outdoor Voices Leggings

Outdoor Voices has blown up my Insta feed these past few months and shows me sponsored posts every week or so which made me super curious about the brand! I am an avid work out fanatic. Hitting the gym is one of my favorite things to do after a stressful day! Not going to lie, I legit have worn the same workout clothes for like 5 years. No joke. When I finally told myself I needed to buy new workout clothes instead of cute dresses, it hit me, I needed to take my own advice. Buy quality pieces you will use daily or weekly!

With a little research and hitting up Instagram, I knew I wanted to try the Outdoor Voices leggings! Sure, they sell sports bras, shorts, tanks and jackets which are equally amazing but I was more interested in leggings for the cooler winter months. Specifically leggings that were comfortable and stay in place during any type of workout!

Sunny Outfit Details

Outdoor Voices 7/8 Lightweight Leggings / Old Navy Fleece Jacket / New Balance Sneakers

Before I write about anything on Sunshine Style, I make sure I try out or wear the clothing I’m going to photography or share about. Florida is hit or miss with the weather, so I was super excited to be able to wear my Outdoor Voices leggings to walk around the pier and beach at a local inlet and a 3 mile hike afterwards. If I don’t do my usual high-intensity, Crosstfit type workout, it’s usually along the lines of something outside like this! These leggings have held up for both type of exercises, making me a very happy customer! ?

Funny story. I hate hate hate high-waisted clothing in pants form. When I polled you on Instagram asking your fav brands to buy workout clothes from and if you liked high-waisted leggings, the response was an astounding YES! These are an in between, high-waist and mid rise which I actually really love and find they sit in my “comfortable” spot!

The leggings I’m wearing are the 7/8 Flex Lightwigh Legging. I was caught between ordering a lightweight pair or a mid-weight style and also wanted a bright color. I was really worried about having the legging material be to “heavy”, so I ended up going with the lightweight style. I’ll admit, the pink color is slightly see-through. Nothing a nude pair of undies can’t fix but want you to keep that in mind. The reviews were hit or miss. Some said see through, others said no, so I took the risk. A darker color would deff fix this issue or I’d recommend going with a mid-weight legging!

3 Reasons to Try Outdoor Voices Leggings

1. Focus on Sustainability and Movement

Outdoor Voices is a unique brand that focuses on sustainability and #doingthings. Their Instagram and website is filled with images of both men and women actually moving their bodies and doing physical activities. Say goodbye to the perfectly styled fitness photo. I absolutely LOVE that since I’m a girl who wants exercise clothes to do exactly that, exercise and get sweaty! Not just look pretty at the gym.

2. They Come in 3 Fabric Weights

Lightweight, Mid-Weight or Winter Leggings

The leggings come in a few lengths, 3/4 or 7/8 and fabric thickness options in lightweight, mid-weight or winter styles. First off, I loved the variety they offered and allowed me to choose the right legging for the climate I live in and season. I narrowed down my three favorite leggings with different lengths and fabric thicknesses.

7/8 Lightweight Flex Legging

3/4 Mid-weight Legging

7/8 High-Rise Cold Weather Legging

3. Their Extremely Comfortable

When it comes to shopping workout gear, I am extremely picky. Leggings and me are not friends. I rarely find them comfortable and would rather be in real clothes. These 7/8 leggings are truly the exception. They are both comfortable, feel extremely lightweight (in a good way) and don’t irritate my skin.

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