Burgundy LOFT Shorts Are The Bomb!

Burgundy LOFT Shorts Are The Bomb!

I love love love shorts and I always will. I said it once and I will say it again, I love shorts! I wear them year round and that’s why these pleated burgundy shorts from LOFT are perfect for our warm fall weather! Earlier I had mentioned how I tend to buy darker colors in the fall and these shorts are one of those pieces.


Short: LOFT


Cardigan: American Eagle

Shoes: Minnetonka Moccasins

Necklace: Vintage

Backpack: Target (similar)

Hat: Target


Seriously, it can be such a struggle to find shorts that are an appropriate length but these fit my body like a glove. I’m pretty sure every pair of shorts I own are either from LOFT or Gap! If I could wear them to work I would!

loft shorts at the pumpkin patch loft shorts at the pumpkin patch pumpkin-patch-2016-17^ Mushy Pumpkin

pumpkin-patch-2016-16 pumpkin-patch-2016-15Checking to see if the pumpkins were good and I accidentally broke the stem off of one. Ooopsies. It was so sad because for every good pumpkin, there were at least 2 that were rotten and falling over. At first we thought it had to do with Hurricane Matthew and rain, but apparently the farm where they get their pumpkin’s from each year had an irrigation problem with flooding. It caused a lot of the pumpkins to go bad. The church I bought a small (unharmed) pumpkin from said they have thrown away over 250+ pumpkins total.

pumpkin-patch-2016-24 pumpkin-patch-2016-23 pumpkin-patch-2016-14-2My little niece, mama and me. I’ve mentioned it before, but this is my little niece who takes my photo for this blog sometimes. She loves doing it! (well hopefully ha!)

loft shorts at the pumpkin patchloft shorts at the pumpkin patchRight now I am in Burnsville, North Carolina with my parents. Every front porch that you pass on the road is decorated with pumpkins and colorful flowers- it’s adorable! We have been joking that we will just buy healthy pumpkins here and bring them home with us to decorate our house and to carve. Pumpkins in Florida just don’t last very long with the heat. Their okay when you buy them, but once their carved they will rot or get eaten alive with flies within a day or two.

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