BFF’s Take On the Pumpkin Patch

BFF’s Take On the Pumpkin Patch

MAK Pumpkin Patch-10MAK Pumpkin Patch-12MAK Pumpkin Patch-11MAK Pumpkin Patch-6MAK Pumpkin Patch-5MAK Pumpkin Patch-1MAK Pumpkin Patch-9It’s an ongoing joke with my friends and family that I have a certain way I pose for pictures. They call it the, “Katie Blogger pose”. Before the picture above was taken, the conversation went something along the lines of, “Hey, lets all pose like Katie and do her blog pose HAHAHA.” I’m not sure what’s worse, that I have a “pose” or that everyone knows my pose. I’d say they did a pretty good reenactment. MAK Pumpkin Patch-8MAK Pumpkin Patch-3

This is what we really look like when we don’t pose for “KT blogger pictures”. #ourtrueselves

MAK Pumpkin Patch-2

Alphabet T-Shirts from American Apparel

I’ve been planning for the longest time (more than 2 years but better late than never!) to get my sister, best friend and I together to take pictures in these shirts and it finally happened!  It’s pretty hard to be around me and not end up matching me at one point or another. My matchyness kind of rubs off onto other people and you either end up buying what I already own, or I end up buying it for you! I feel bad for my future kids and husband haha. I just convinced my mom to buy a top that matches her foster babies leggings so I could take “matchy” family pictures of them. That is exactly what happened with these t-shirts. I ordered the  “Kk” t-shirt from American Apparel a few years ago and ended up buying matching ones for my sister and best friend. They secretly wanted to match me in public.

Every time I wear this shirt, I always get asked the exact same two questions. The first one is always, “Are you missing a 3rd K….?” and “Why do you have 2 “k’s” on your shirt?” I should probably make up a witty response to the first question but I really have no idea how to respond and probably just awkwardly stare at them. Maybe I can just tell them it’s hiding on my back but I really don’t think that would make the awkward silence any better haha. At least the second question is more legitimate and I can actually see where they are coming from because the two “k’s” look like two lowercase letters at first glance, but really, 3 “K’s?!”

What I really love about this shirt is that my parents foster baby, Ella, calls me “KK” and so does my friend Lucy. I really really love that nickname! My sisters Initials are actually “MM” so her shirt fits her name perfectly and our family loves MnM’s too, which is just an added bonus! (#weloveourchocolate)! Alphabet initials and our families favorite candy on a t-shirt, what else do you need? Well, I’m going to stop writing now before I fall asleep at this desk and ramble on anymore. Hope you all have a great Thanksgiving because October is over now. If I was really a good blogger, I would have already posted this during the appropriate month that pumpkins are actually for sale. Maybe I should just go ahead and say Merry Christmas because the stores already skipped over Thanksgiving anyways! Speaking of Christmas and red Starbucks cups, with all the talk of the color red, I decided to be rebellious and wear red to church last Sunday (proof here). It also made my sister and I crave Chick Fil A really bad. #okayrantreallyover

Happy Thanksgiving! I’m thankful for all my readers and the positive encouragement you always send my way! You guys always put a smile on my face!!!


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