Newest Cozy Coupe Car Model

Newest Cozy Coupe Car Model

Popsicle Tank-3Popsicle Tank-2Popsicle Tank-4Popsicle Tank-5Popsicle Tank-6Popsicle Tank-7Popsicle Tank-1

Tank: WalMart (I know,  I couldn’t believe it either when I bought it.)

Necklace & Vest: Old Navy

Skirt: LOFT

Shoes: Gap

If car modeling is my next career, I vote that the Little Tykes Cozy Coupe company hires me as their spokes-girl. My little niece would make the better model anyways, she has the car balancing act down, I apparently do not. #iblameitontheskirt

Shout out to my favorite 13 year old picture taker, Paygie! (I’m such a good Auntie, I even let her take the car for a joyride after, proof here).


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