Trinity Fitness Team Challenge

Trinity Fitness Team Challenge

There is nothing I love more than working out (besides Jesus, of course )… and food ha! Okay, there are quite a few things I love but working out is definitely in the top 10. In 2013, I started working out at a Trinity Fitness, which is a group workout that uses metabolic conditioning, similar to a cross-fit style workout, that focuses on strength and endurance. In simple terms, it means we have a lot of fun while using equipment like kettle bells, wall balls, barbells, jump ropes, and doing tons of push/chin/pull up’s, handstands, box jumps, running, weightlifting and burpees. The workouts are timed, high intensity, and normally never over 30 minutes in length. You are in and out within an hour!

Everyday the workout is completely different, which makes it so much more interesting. I never have to dread going to the gym, it’s always something I look forward to during the day. I’ve belonged to several gyms and it’s always such a drag, going from machine to machine, keeping to yourself with your headphones in- it gets so boring and repetitive. At Trinity, I am never bored, but challenged and it’s so much more encouraging when you are surrounded by a large group of people doing the exact same workout as you. It’s the best feeling when a trainer or friend sees the look on your face and how your struggling to finish 10,000 burpees and then gives you a word of encouragement to help you endure the workout until the end. There is always an end in sight, even when it seems to be slowly killing you (Hebrews 12:1-12)!


My team: Emma, Me, Nikki and Hailey (front). We took this picture one Saturday at the gym after a workout!

On May 2, I will be competing in the annual Trinity Team Challenge which is their biggest fundraiser of the year! My team (below) is raising money in support of the challenge. Our goal as a team is to raise $2000! We serve a mighty, glorious and powerful God and this is where I believe God, CAN AND WILL, go above and beyond our wildest expectations to raise even more than our initial goal. God is a blesser. He blesses those who give sacrificially and he also blesses those whom the money is used towards. I truly believe the money given towards Trinity will be used in ways that go far beyond the walls of the gym. This is where I need your help! Our team has raised $2000 so far, but I have faith that our team can raise even more to further His Kingdom. To donate to our team page, head on over to the link below and type in the amount you would like to give:

Katie McC’s Team Page


Having fun one Saturday doing a partner workout with my sister!

Please be in consideration about donating or sponsoring our team! All donations and prayers for our team are greatly appreciated! Especially be in prayer that OUR TEAM DOMINATES! haha <— only slightly kidding about that part but please be praying for our teams safety and that God pores out his blessings over Trinity, it’s Sponsors, staff,  other competing teams, and all who attend Trinity! Thank you, and I truly appreciate any and all help you are able to provide to my team!


The best part of working out here is that they don’t just concentrate on our physical but our spiritual wellbeing. The workouts all begin with a devotional and prayer (watch out- if your late, we are all forced to do burpees). There is nothing better than coming here after work and being encouraged, before, during and after your workout. I believe God speaks to us everywhere throughout the day, but seeing specific verses on the TV screen that speak truth to me during my workouts is such a great reminder at exactly how present God is in our lives. No matter what we are doing, weather working out, grocery shopping, or hanging out with friends, God is always there holding us up and speaking truth into our daily lives. Trinity is just one more way God uses to remind me what a loving, kind and caring God he truly is.



Our team name is Pretty Little Lifters and this is the graphic for our t-shirt that I designed! We are going to deck ourselves all out in neon bandanas, socks and anything else that adds team spirit! I even started to make up a theme song to go along with the Pretty Little Liars instrumental theme song. Although it’s not completed yet, I will give you a sneak peek:

Got a barbell, can you lift it? Well this ones to light.

Gotta add weight to bulk up. And eat paleo all night.

He is able to do immeasurably more than all that we ask or think, according to the power that works in us. Ephesians 3:20

We hope to see you all there cheering us on at the TF Beachside location on May 2nd at 9:00 AM prompt! If you don’t make it, I will make sure to recap the event here afterwards!


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