This Outfit is 100% ME!

This Outfit is 100% ME!

Polka Dot and Eyelit-2Polka Dot and Eyelit-5Polka Dot and Eyelit-3Polka Dot and Eyelit-6Polka Dot and Eyelit-4Polka Dot and Eyelit-1

31 Bits Necklace

Gap Top

LOFT Eyelit Skirt (love love love this color)

Old Navy Shoes

If I could describe an outfit that accurately portrays my personality, I would so choose this one! I love everything about this outfit. Its colorful, polished, comfy, has a print, AND a bright 31 Bits necklace that draws it all together. I’ll let you in on a little secret. This is an outfit repeat. Gasp. I wore it to church, changed immediately after I got to my boyfriends house and ate lunch and then saved it and re-wore it to work the next day. I really do need to whip out my fancy camera and take pictures with it more often because my iPhone picture quality just doesn’t compare. Man it’s been hot out lately, I should enjoy wearing button downs for now because in a month, those babies will be tucked in a land far far away (my closet) until next Florida winter. And my car air broke again for the 3rd time, so I can’t just run from inside a building to a cold car to inside my house. I tried that today with a pleater skirt and lets just say it’s not fun sweating under that!

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