My Non-First Day of School Outfit

My Non-First Day of School Outfit

Sea Wave Romper-2Sea Wave Romper-3 Sea Wave Romper-4 Sea Wave Romper-1Romper: Beall’s

Shoes: American Eagle

Hat: J.Crew

Necklace: Bahamas

If I were still in school, this would be my first day of school outfit. Despite popular belief, I am no longer in school…and I’m not talking about High school… or college. That’s right, I’m to old to attend youth group but old enough to rent a car and work a full-time job, yay! I used to absolutely LOVE the first day of school because it always meant new school clothes, school supplies (hello organization) and the excitement of planning my outfits for the first week. Yes, that’s correct, I would plan outfits for the first whole week, not just the first day haha!

There is just something about putting clothes and accessories together that has always excited me so much. It’s at my core of who I am, I am a creator, put-togetherer (aka stylist but that sounds way to fancy…)  and I often wonder if my destiny is to be a designer.  I can remember my first day of school outfits from about 6-12th grade and can recall random outfits and favorite pieces from as early as Kindergarten to Senior Year of High school.

Overalls have always been one of my favorite things to wear, which is no surprise why I love rompers. I have a crush on rompers because it’s a shirt and shorts in one. It takes almost no mental thought to pick out which romper to wear. The only awkward part is going the bathroom but I will spare the rest of you on the why (I know all you romper lovers can relate).

It’s slightly sad there are no first day of school outfits for me to plan anymore but let me tell you, it’s way better getting paid for hard work than paying to do hard work! Then again, spending the summer laying on the beach with friends has it’s perks too. While everyone posts about their new fun first day of school adventures, I’m secretly planning the next day’s outfit out like it’s high school all over again.

Is there anyone else who used to love the first day of school and planning out your outfits + buying new school supplies?


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