5 Simple Thanksgiving Day Outfit Ideas

Can you believe Thanksgiving is SEVEN days away?! Me neither! I wanted to share some last minute Thanksgiving Day outfit ideas with similar items you can pull from your closet that you *hopefully* already own! It’s always fun to wear a brand new outfit but on holidays and celebrations, I am all about re-wearing your favorites over and over.

Thanksgiving Day Outfit Ideas

This year my family and I are driving up to Georgia and staying at a cabin. There will be 11 of us total and we plan on keeping it low key! I will most likely be wearing something really casual like jeans and a sweater or joggers and a sweater depending on the weather and what we plan on doing! All of these outfits are meant to be inspiration and not necessarily a push to buy something new. Enjoy! =)

woman wearing dress for Thanksgiving Day Outfit Ideas

J.Crew Leopard Print Dress

You really cannot go wrong with a dress, especially if it’s warm where you will be celebrating! It’s always warm in Florida on Thanksgiving and I usually always wear a fall colored dress like orange, red, or ivory or a fun print like this leopard one. Plus, dresses let you eat as much food as you want with no consequence!

woman woman wearing skirt and white top for Thanksgiving Day Outfit Ideas
woman in white top and orange skirt for Thanksgiving Day Outfit Ideas

Sweater / J.Crew Corduroy Skirt / Leopard Scrunchie

I love the idea of a sweater and corduroy skirt combo! Easy, comfy and festive!

woman in white sweater and pink joggers for Thanksgiving Day Outfit Ideas

Sweater / Joggers / Slippers

Not gonna lie, this is most likely what I will be wearing on Thanksgiving! The cabin we are staying at has tons of property with lots of places to hike. If I’m not in this, it will probably be leggings, a sherpa and sneakers to explore the trails!

I feel like I should say, there is no shame in dressing casually on holidays! Instagram can make it seem like everyone dresses up and there may be some truth to it but I think this year more people will be wearing versions of this outfit! If you want to wear pajamas, wear pajamas!

woman wearing pink sweater and skirt
woman wearing pink sweater and skirt

Pink Sweater / Leopard Skirt / Booties / Leather Bag

A lightweight cropped sweater and silk skirt is one of my favorite combos! It’s still dressy yet comfortable. Pair it with booties, slip on loafers or slippers!

woman in striped top and orange skirt

Striped Top / Corduroy Skirt / Leather Bag

You can never go wrong with a striped top! I love the contrast of navy styled with the burnt orange color. A striped top can pair well with green, burgundy and white also! A striped top would also look extra cute with basic white jeans!

Lots of Sunshine,


Which Thanksgiving outfit is your favorite?! Do you usually dress casually or dress up?

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