Pieces of Summer: Part 1

Pieces of Summer: Part 1

















































Summer is my favorite season ever! Just so much brightness and sunshine. It might be the fact that I love yellow so much. I thought I would share a random compilation of pictures from summer in no specific order. These were all taken from May-August. It’s so fun to look back and remember these fun moments from Summer 2014. Although summer in Florida started in late April, and will continue until mid November, I wouldn’t trade living here for the world! There’s just something about warm sun, the water and sunshine that makes me happy!

  • (Pictures 1-4) A few different local beaches that I go to regularly. The first one is sort of a secret spot that is normally very desolate and the only people along the beach are usually locals from the condos nearby. I love going here when I want peace and quiet and also when my friends, sister and I want to be obnoxious, loud and to take a million pictures without being judged or stared at ahah! The only bad part is to get here you have to park across the street at a local restaurant and cross A1A. When were in lazy mood and don’t want to carry anything far, we pick a different beach to go to.
  • (5) My sister and I just being our weird selves on Fourth of July. I also posted this on Instagram. #sunsoutgunsout
  • (6) This was taken less than 24 hours before my friend was in her horrible accident. She is doing a lot better since the accident but she could still use all of the prayers she can for healing! I bought the pineapple sunglasses and cup at Dollar Tree! They brought us cheap entertainment for a few hours!
  • (7) I took my little nieces and nephew to the beach one weekend. They loved it so much and had a blast. Kids are seriously so much fun.
  • (8) Just another beach day, being silly as always.
  • (9) I love taking pictures of my car temperature. Especially when I first turn on my car, the temp is always the hottest. I caught it one day perfectly at 100º but it’s been as high at 115º on some of those scorching record breaking days.
  • (10)  A delicious raw dessert (posted the recipe on Instagram here) I made. It’s turned out to be the favorite thing I’ve made this summer because its SO good!
  • (11) A local bed and breakfast in the historic district.
  • (12) Ella (my parents foster baby) and I on a late night (super sweaty) summer wagon ride.
  • (13) A pretty sky after working out one Saturday.
  • (14) Snapped at the beach one day. d I used the VRSLY app to add the text overlay.
  • (15) My families foster baby, Ella, on a Sunday night celebrating my moms birthday. The dress was only $3 from Children’s Place (originally from Target). We love buying her clothes there, it’s so cheap and half of the items have never been worn!
  • (16) Late night summer walk around the neighborhood. Ella loved her first wagon ride by herself. My parents bought this industrial wagon to take to Antique Shows and it’s so sturdy it can carry my sister, Ella and I all at the same time.
  • (17) One day after I worked out, I went across the street to the beach and I made a cross out of shells. It was still there the next week when I went back. I hoped it inspired someone in some way or showed them a little hope!
  • (18) My favorite summer recipe: Broccoli Slaw last posted here
  • (19) You can’t see it in the picture but it was a double rainbow that could be seen for miles around town after a super stormy Sunday. My friend got the best picture of the rainbow at the beach! #godisboomin
  • (20) Just another silly day at the beach. Unlike picture (1), this was in a very public beach and we got quite a bit of stares that day for jumping around with pineapple sunglasses and inflatable palm tree pool toys.
  • (21) I was super bored one day after work and we had extra paint laying around, so I decided it would be fun to paint Ella and I. I thoroughly enjoyed it more than her. She was a bit hesitant. Apparently, she didn’t like our painted on “rock hard abs” or “tribal face paint”.
  • (22) Delicious Pepperoni Pizza and a Greek salad from a local pizza joint on the beach.
  • (23) All of the stairways at the Public beach entrances have words carved into the top step named after the street they are on or the actual beach name. This one says “Shell St.” but my favorite is the one that says “Paradise“.
  • (24) Last and not least…. this was taken at a hotel in Miami right before I left for Peru to visit my Compassion Child.

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