Word on the Street Is…

Word on the Street Is…

Overalls and Baseball Cap: American Eagle

Tee: Touristy Shop in Clearwater

Sandals: Gap

…Overalls are back in style. Yippeee!!! If anything is controversial and opinionated in the fashion world, it’s overalls. Farmers like them, others hate them. My family looked at me nuts when I put these on. I’m sure your probably thinking…only 5 year olds love overalls. Well, I loved overalls when I was 5 and I love them now ha! I once had a birthday party at a giant indoor playground and made all of my friends wear overalls ( I have pictures to prove it!). The only awkward thing is going to the bathroom, it’s just never something you will get used to. I even offered to buy my little nieces some of their own overalls to match their Auntie Katie. They politely declined. You know something is off when you are practically giving away free clothes to your 12 and 14 year old nieces and they just plain don’t want them! What really would have made this outfit even better would have been if I wore my hi-top sneakers but it was just way to hot. My little nieces would have died of embarrassment right there if they had to go in public with me wearing overalls and knock-off converses.

It really was a scorcher this weekend. Hotter than the normal hotness. Air-conditioners have been breaking left and right just trying to keep up. My little nieces and nephew spent the night on Friday and we couldn’t do anything besides swim and lounge around in our swimsuits. The best kind of summer days in my opinion! After we swam, my little niece Payge and I played around on my sisters longboard. Just to keep the facts straight, I totally cannot longboard to save my life but it’s sure fun to act like I can. I’m pretty sure the kids just wanted to see me try and not fall on my face. They are probably thinking, “Man, my poor Aunt Katie…she can’t dress herself or longboard”. After them showing me up with their longboard skills, (my nephew was the cutest long-boarder ever) we decided to go Del’s, a local ice cream place to beat the heat. Turns out the heat beat us. Those pretty vanilla sprinkle cones took liquid form in less than .5 seconds but still just as tasty!

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