Weekends with the Family

Weekends with the Family
Weekends spent with my family are always the best.  This particular Saturday we had no plans and it ended up being super low key. My favorite kind of Saturday. I worked out in the morning at Trinity Fitness (I really need to write up a post about the mission behind TF, it’s similar to a CrossFit style workout- I love it there and go at least 2-3x’s/week) and then came home to my little niece and nephew swinging outside with our families foster baby. How could I not capture such a sweet moment? They all still hold that child like innocence and you can just see the joy on their faces.
Ella rockin her new Retro Sunnies.
I’m such an annoying Auntie and made them pose for a “family” picture. I was joking around with them and said something along the lines of “Hey guys, she kinda looks like she could be related to you, I wonder if people will think shes your kid if I show them these pictures”. They did not find it very funny at all but I got a kick out of it! Ella seemed to not mind either. Looking all relaxed in her new sunnies soaking up all the attention. She gets so much attention with 4 people to love on her daily but weekends like this, she gets extra spoiled with 3 extra people (well call them J, P and Z) to love on her also.
I have the cutest nephew (Z) ever. He’s going to be such a ladies man when hes older!
 Ella loves swinging so much. She could stay outside swinging all day, every day. My parents have even taken several trips to HomeDepot just to scout out simple Swing-sets that they could set up in the backyard. If they only knew, I would probably be more excited than her to have a swing-set to swing on. #kidatheart. It’s weekends like this that fill my heart and remind me what is most important in life. Family and relationships are really everything.

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