10 Random Facts About Me

Pausing on outfit posts today to bring you 10 random facts about me! Style content is my favorite and your favorite as well but every time I do a personal post, those are the most popular posts by a mile! I get it though, it’s relatable, helps you get to know a person and I always feel more connected to someone when I know more about them and their story! I’d love to get to know you a bit more too!

1.My real name is Katie. I always get asked if it’s a nickname! The only people in my family who call me by a nickname are my mom and sister. Sometimes, they will refer to me as “Kate’ but I rarely even notice because it pretty much sounds like their saying my name ha!

2. When I was 11, I was told by my cheerleading coach that I looked like a frog doing a back handspring. It made me so angry, I tightened up, launched myself back and ended up completely breaking/snapping both bones in my right arm. The great thing was that I felt no pain, like absolutely none and it did not puncture the skin! Never will I forget starting 7th grade with a giant plaster cast then getting braces just a few months later.

3. Okay this one is a little embarrassing. Back in 3rd grade, I used to love Pokemon. My mom would record it for my sister and I on a old school VRC tape. We would watch it when we would get home from school. I even had a Pikachue figurine with a Pokeball that I would put in my cubby e at school. HA!

4. I didn’t have my first boyfriend until I was 25! It’s weird to publicly admit that. In high-school, I would have been mortified to ever say that out loud. It’s not that I wasn’t interested in boys, I was just extremely shy and none ever asked me out. Looking back, I am glad my first relationship was as an adult and I don’t feel like I missed out. Plus, I escaped all of those awkward tween relationships and learning curves.

5. One day, I dream of owning a frenchie! I grew up with a pug named Muffin and he was the sweetest thing ever! Even if people didn’t like dogs or thought pugs were ugly, they loved Muffin! I have heard that frenchie’s are a great breed and super similar to pugs plus I think their just adorable!

6. In 2020, I started 2 business selling scrunchies at Sunshine Style Co. and a product photography and social media management business called The Sunshine Studio. I also landed a new job at Island Jay after a long job search for almost a year. It all happed right around the time Covid started shutting everything down and is nothing short of a miracle! For the first time in a while, I really love my job!

7. In 7th grade I was in a more hands on program and I won an award for having the most creative design for a Rube Goldberg project! Here’s a great link that explains what a Rube Goldberg machine is! It’s basically a machine that uses chain reactions to complete a task.

8. As a kid, I was always super shy and had a huge fear of public speaking. It took years for me to get out of my shell. Now if people meet me, they never believe I used to be so different. Becoming a teacher and having to stand up in front of kids pushed me out of my comfort zone so much and I pretty much had to overcome speaking in front of people!

9. My dream is to live on the river or waterfront property! Somewhere on the East Coast!

10. I had to wear braces from 7th grade until 10th grade! I was 12-16…that’s 5 years! If anyone ever compliments me on my smile, I always silently thank my mom and dad for paying for those braces! My overbite was so horrendous (not joking ha!) my origiinal orthodontist wanted to break my jaw and do surgery on me. Luckily, we found an amazing dentist/orthodontist that altered my jaw without surgery!

I LOVE learning and reading random facts about people! What’s something interesting or random about you?!

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