My Sunny List (What Brought Me Joy This Week)

There’s something so magical about slowing down and forgetting what day it is. Pretty much thought today was Friday and almost forgot to finish writing this post (it’s Thursday night as I write this in the pajamas I wore all day). I was really inspired by Kate from Lonestar Southern and her new Happy Lists to replace some of her content with uplifting quarantine content.

You guys know me and I love everything positive and happy! Quarantine has for sure had it’s ups and downs. I think most of you can relate! Most days I am really good, happy, pretty content and like the slowness. There have deff been days though where I just felt off, sad and I more often than I want to admit, I felt so doubtful and jealous. I also turned 30 and that has brought a whole rush of emotions and thoughts, like “what am I doing with my life, this isn’t where I ever pictured myself being” and fell into the self pity trap (this is probably a whole different post).

This list is my way of keeping tract of the good, happy and positive things happening each week which fat outweighs and bad. My desire is to always bring you exciting, happy, fun and bright content! I’ve been mentally keeping track of what I want to write here and things that actually brought me lots of joy, so without further ado, here we go!

My Sunny List

ONE // Daily Walks! Now that I am sitting almost every second of the day for work, by the end of the day I look forward to getting outside and moving my body. On the day’s I don’t workout, I take walks about my neighborhood or local park with my family. We always have so much fun and joke around the whole time.

TWO // This week I got a bunch of mail and nothing makes me more excited. I mean this was the highlight of my week. First these super fun and colorful striped pajamas from J.Crew came a day early. I am obsessed. Second, my Infinitely LOFT box came and the e-commerce site I work for sent me a flamingo sticker. P.S. Did you know there’s now a flamingo emoji?! 🦩🦩🦩

THREE // Taking an afternoon with my kitty! OMG…I love my rag doll cat do much. I am an annoying kitty mom and always want to cuddle and squeeze him and well…he’s a cat, so he’s rarely in the mood. On Thursday I finished work early, called my cat over and we took a little cat nap together on the couch! It was heaven ha!

FOUR // I ate a crumb off of floor on accident ha. So I was making lunch one afternoon and found a chip crumb on the floor and picked it up. For some reason I never threw it away. While I was holding chips in my other hand, I somehow ate the crumb instead of the chip. I was laughing so hard and had to text my BFF and sister.

FIVE // Eating cream cheese icing from the jar. Honestly, if I could just make all of these about food I would. Yummy sweets just make me so happy.

SIX // Creating closet organization on stories and interacting with you all! Videos on stories used to give me so much nervous anxiety. I would avoid them at all costs. Over the last year or so, I’ve pushed myself out of my comfort zone and it always makes me excited when I talk on camera ha!

Plus, it makes me so happy to talk directly on DM with readers and friends! My friend called me out and said I still had a Christmas sign in my room…that really made me laugh.

SEVEN // Getting dressed everyday. Today I worked out in the morning, showered before work then just threw on pajamas because wet hair and clothes make me cringe. My 1 I felt so unproductive and wanted a nap! Putting on something simple like a striped dress, romper or shorts and a cute top makes all the difference!!!

EIGHT // Wednesday night I was feeling really frisky and ordered my favorite Primally Pure deodorant on a 3 month subscription. Then I also ordered my natural lotion form Amazon. I put it off as long as I could. There was really nothing more exciting. #adulting

NINE // Last weekend my fam and I got takeout and went and ate at a park that overlooks the river. It really felt like Christmas and was so relaxing. Nothing makes me more happy than sparkling water at sunset.

TEN // Afternoon naps are my new favorite thing to do. I am not a big nap person but I took two different naps this week and it was glorious.

Lots of Sunshine,


What’s one thing that has brought you joy this week!?

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