Edgy Date Night Look

Date Night Outfit

Old Navy Top (similar)
American Eagle Pants
Target Shoes (on sale for $18!)

On Friday night my boyfriend and I had a date night and this is the outfit I wore. Our local park had a “Movie in the Park” event and we watched the movie 50 First Dates . This was the best outfit choice to wear in my opinion because I was comfortable and could lay in the grass if needed. We ended up sitting in my boyfriends Pouch Couch (his inflatable chair), but I can only imagine the dilemma I would of had if I wore a dress. It did get a bit chilly once the sun went down so I threw on a jacket while I watched the movie.

I like date night looks to be either really dressy and feminine or edgy. I actually felt really hardcore in this outfit lol. Soooo opposite from my normal style but every once and a while I surprise myself. When I asked my boyfriend to take this photo of me, he said, “You look so urban right now”.  I felt really urban haha!




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