First Day of School Outfit and Lunchbox

First Day of School Outfit and Lunchbox


Top: Francesca’s (This off-the-shoulder top would be cute to wear with the skirt!)

Skirt: J.Crew

Sandals: Gap

Bag: Target (Summer 2015)

This is the bag that I always use to carry my lunch with me to work. I bring it every single day and pack it full of food! What can I say? This girl needs to eat! My co-worker the other day mentioned how she loves my “lunchbox” and how giant it is. I don’t know why I’ve never considered it as oneΒ  until now, but it’s like a giant lunchbox for adults. She also made that comment the first week all of the kiddos in our county went back to school. I always get a little nostalgic around school time wishing I could participate in back to school supply and clothes shopping. I even had an outfit post last year pretending I was wearing my first day of school outfit. I guess you can say this is my second official “non-first day of school outfit”.

In elementary school, all of my friends and I always had the coolest lunch boxes in school and we were surely proud of ourselves and our Bath and Both Works hand-sanitizers (I’m talkin to you Jessica, Emily, Jennifer, Kati and Laura…ahhaha). I remember searching high and low for a school lunchbox that no one else would have. Now that I think of it, I’m sure others had the same lunchbox as me because back then (you know, so long ago), everyone bought them from Target and Walmart. It was always such a tough decision because I was so picky and you never wanted to show up the first day of school with the same lunchbox as your friend! Check out this awesome Igloo, pink and purple lunch box I used to carry. You can still buy it on ETSY! It brings back so many good memories. Elementary school…those were the good old days. My friend Laura had the same lunchbox but in yellow, blue and red. I have no idea how I remember that but it’s one of those childhood memories that are super vivid! Now when I go shopping and see all of the options for unique lunchboxes and backpacks, I wish I could buy one now and then travel back in time and show up at school with only the absolute coolest lunchbox and backpack and blow everyone else out of the water.

My eyelet skirt is a Size 2 petite. I originally ordered a 4 regular but it was huge and longer than I wanted, so the kind people at J.Crew exchanged it for me. I would probably order a Size 2 regular if I exchanged it again just to have more room in the waste for thicker shirts and sweaters in the winter. I hate when the waste band is tight, it makes it so uncomfortable and then I can’t wait to come home and rip the skirt off.

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