It’s Still Summer in Florida

It’s Still Summer in Florida

Blue Pom Pom Shorts-6Blue Pom Pom Shorts-5Blue Pom Pom Shorts-2Blue Pom Pom Shorts-4

Top: Old Navy

Shorts: Dillard’s (similar pineapple shorts!)

Shoes: Kohl’s

Hat: J.Crew

Necklace: 31 Bits

Purse: Target

I don’t think I can ever have enough of summer. The longer it stays warm, the longer I can swim in the ocean! It has finally started to cool down a bit at night, and when I say cool down, I mean it’s not 90 degrees at 8 at night but it still feels really nice! When the temps start to drop at nighttime, I love eating dinner outside on the porch. My sister and I decided to plan a pumpkin carving party just because we want an excuse to sit outside and hang with all of our friends! I went to a pumpkin patch tonight and my sister, parents foster baby, Ella and I were dancing, frolicking and spinning around in the field because there was no humidity in the air, yay! It felt excellent.

On a side note, my favorite part about this outfit is my necklace from 31 Bits made from paper by women in Uganda. I love being able to support women who are making a living by designing beautiful jewelry! I have so many of their necklaces and the quality is amazing! The best part is that there’s no stinky cheap metal that starts to smell after a few months because the top coat of the metal has disintegrate. It’s such a waste of money and one of my biggest pet peeves when I buy jewelry. Never shop at fast fashion stores like Charming Charlie, Charlotte Russe or Forever 21 for metal jewelry because it will almost always smell after a few uses (at least in my experience because this has happened multiple times to me). Just buy paper necklaces because paper doesn’t smell ha!


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