Too Many Weddings to Keep Count

Too Many Weddings to Keep Count



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Payge is my little mini me and loves crafting and doing anything her Auntie likes doing. And shes actually incredibly smart, curious and helpful. I think she will be a scientist when shes older but she totally disagrees.


^ Such a boy! That was either his Grandma’s veil or some decoration. We’ll go with her veil.


^ Such a girl! Jyllian has such a beautiful soul. She’s a natural born leader and holds so much confidence in herself!


We’re such a photogenic family. There’s those squinty eyes again. At least Jyllian looks good and she also looks like the bride here ahhaha!


Look, no legs touching the ground! Playground gold.



Zander is just the cutest little man ever. I always sing him the cheer:

Zan Zan, he’s the Man,

If he can’t do it, no one can!

He used to dance to it and he sometimes still will but he’s getting to that age, you know, where you actually care what people think. Stay little forever Zan! I love how goofy and silly you are. Your my little adventurist and are always up for anything.


Guess it’s my turn to play with the veil.


Romper: LOFT / Jacket: TJMax / Booties: BC Footwear / Necklace: 31 Bits / Purse: Anne B Designs (Made Collection with the 46″ strap)

Last weekend my little nieces and nephew Grandma got married and this it what I wore. It was actually super chilly out, but felt so good! And also very windy and sunny…maybe I should have worn sunglasses to hide those super squinty eyes. Oh well! We’ll just pretend I was sleeping standing up. I can’t believe how grown up my little nieces and nephew looked. They were all so dressed up and my nephew, Zander, he looked so handsome and will be such a ladies man when he’s older. Tell him that now and he would cringe. Seeing them all walking down the isle made me so excited to think that one day, they will be able to be in my own wedding as bridesmaids.

I was so surprised that it was actually this cold for November 1st. We normally don’t have cold spells that make me want to put jeans on until at least late December, early January. Pants are my least favorite thing to wear (jeans specifically…so uncomfy) so I try to prolong that as long as I can. It was warm enough with a jacket that I could still get away with going bare legged by wearing a romper and boots. My purse is from Anne B Designs when she was having an Indigeogo fundraiser, that allowed Anne to build the funds for “The Made Collection” to start a sewing school for refugees in Salt Lake City, Utah. I love any product that helps make a difference in someones life and I also love the bold prints, and how I could choose the inside color of my bag which is a bright Chartreuse color.

After the wedding we ate some cake and then went out by the playground to play around and take pictures. The swings were totally made for adults! Not that I’m an expert in this area, haha but I’ve been on a fare share of playgrounds and make sure to always test out their swingsets if they have one. I can normally never get myself more than a few feet in the air because my long legs and feet drag on the mulch. These swings on the other hand were like gold. I had to actually hop up onto the swing and my feet dangled. It was like an adult’s dream in swingset playground terms. The wedding was fun but we totally had much more fun playing outside in the wind, swingin our cares away. Feeling free. It reminds me of Isaiah 40:31, a verse God has been showing me quite a lot lately:

but those who hope in the LORD will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint.

In case you were wondering about the title of this post. This is either my 7th or 8th wedding within a year or so. You kind of loose count after the first few. #somanyweddings


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