DIY Wooden Hangers

DIY Wooden Hangers

IMG_4150-1.JPGAlmost exactly a year ago, I wrote a post (last featured here) about my weekend and visiting a local antique mall. In the post, I mentioned how I loved all of the vintage wooden hangers they sold at the antique mall but wouldn’t buy any because they were way to expensive. Well, it turns out my mom shared my post with some of her friends on Facebook and one of them ended up messaging her. They told her that they work in a thrift store where people donate clothes and they receive bags upon bags full of these old hangers. The crazy thing is that she told my mom they just toss the hangers because they get so many. My first thought was, “WHAT, they get those for free?!. No way!”.

You mean, they just throw away those $4 a piece antique hangers. Yup! That’s exactly what they do. My moms friend offered to send us some once they got more in. A few months had passed and we hadn’t heard anything, so I just figured she forgot or they hadn’t received any, and in the meantime I completely forgot too. That was until we received this huge package from Buffalo, NY. The moment I saw where it was from, I knew it was the hangers her friend had offered to send! I was so excited. Immediately I knew I wanted to paint some of them because I love color and colorful hangers with bold patterns are so much fun!

The non-glamorous shot of how I used my comforter as a backdrop for the pictures. I have a 50mm lens, which is probably the worst possible lens to be shooting the hangers on top of my bed. I was tip toeing on top of the step ladder with my hands raised in the air, making sure my fingers missed hitting the ceiling fan. I use my 50mm for everything, and the only other lens I have is a cheap, 18-55mm zoom lens that came with my first DSLR camera. It’s not a terrible lens, but for indoor lighting, the f-stop doesn’t go low enough for my liking. Balancing and doing ballet on the ladder made it more fun and challenging anyways! My comforter is old from Urban Outfitters, here’s a similar one.


I couldn’t make up my mind on which patterns and colors I wanted, so I just ended up painting all of the hangers double sided. I used plain old acrylic craft paint that was already in my craft drawers. Folk Art and Martha Stewart Craft Paint are my favorite paints to use! I couldn’t paint hangers without making at least one of them into a pineapple. #summerpineapplehunt forever! It’s seems that hashtag might turn into #winterpineapplehunt. I have been deciding if I should make a #summerpineapplehunt turned #winterpineapplehunt post because they are still popping up everywhere and I have a bunch of new pictures I’ve been storing up just in case. My friend Alyssa and her boyfriend Isaac got super cute pineapple salt and pepper shakers and a giant pineapple dip tray for Christmas. I was seriously so excited when I opened my gift. I’m tellin yah, the pineapple stuff just keeps on comin!


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