3 Tips for Transitioning Straw Bags Into Fall

straw bag and scarfs

As a Florida girl, I love love love my straw bags. Instead of storing away all my summer bags and bringing out my fall bags I have learned a few tricks to help transition them. It lets me still use all of my beloved bags well into the winter. What’s so great about straw bags is that they match with absolutely everything in your closet from super casual to dressy.

straw bag

transitioning straw bags into fall

straw bags from summer to fall

3 Tips for Transitioning Straw Bags from Summer to Fall:

1. Add a colorful scarf. Try adding scarves with pretty jewel tones like Emerald green, cherry red, burgundy, teal, burnt orange and this gorgeous mustard yellow one. They are my go-to colors for fall. If you don’t want to invest in a scarf, paisley bandanas work just as well (it’s what I used in the photos). Plus, their perfect for those on a budget and come in over 20 colors! I bought mine for under $1 at Walmart! Thrift stores will also become your best friend. They sell scarves with unique patterns and colors that no one else will have.

2. Turn your bag around backwards. This seems so simple but it’s mind blowing! Many of the straw bags sold during the summertime have some sort of catchy saying, embroidery or embellishment on them like this one with pom poms. What you can’t see on my bag is the navy and white tassel decor on the opposite side. Instead of buying a new bag I just flipped it around. For summer outfits, the colorful tassel decor works perfectly fine but for fall and winter I want a blank canvas to work with.

3. Buy a dark tan straw bag. I know, I know. Before you say, “Katie, that’s ridiculous, I already own a straw bag” let me explain. Having a dark bag and a light bag gives you more options.

Having a dark bag and a light bag gives you more options. If you have two straw bags you can continuously swap them out. Styling outfits becomes 10x’s easier. One for summer/spring and one for fall/winter. I am highly considering buying this crossbody round straw bag in a rich brown color because I would wear it with more fall looks. I also love the circle shape and how the cross body style allows you to go hands free.

Depending on what colors you are wearing, you can add contrast to an outfit based on the color of the straw bag. The lighter the outfit and darker the bag, the more the bag will stand out and vice versa. I’d pair the darker straw bag with colors like burgundy, emerald green and mustard yellow in the fall and a monochromatic white look in the summer.

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I’m curious. Do you own a straw bag?  Let me know in the comments below if you plan on wearing one during the fall moths!!

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