My Weekend Trip to Vero Beach

My Weekend Trip to Vero Beach

Vero Beach, Florida

Tank: J.Crew (It’s made in the USA!) | Shorts: Dillard’s | Shoes: Gap | Hat: Kohl’s

Wrap: Francesca’s | Sunglasses: AE


Two weeks ago my mom and I took a weekend getaway trip to the Vero Beach Hotel and Spa. This trip ended up being a huge blessing in disguise. Just hours before my mom and I arrived at the hotel, my parents had to say goodbye to their foster baby, Ella, that they raised for almost 3 years. She was court ordered to go back to her birth parents after living with us since she was 4 months old. It was one of the toughest things I’ve ever had to witness. Before we left for the hotel I asked my mom if she wanted to stay home instead and she told me it was her idea to book the trip and that she wanted to go. She couldn’t have picked a better hotel to stay at. The beauty of the hotel and the beach kept our minds at ease all weekend and helped to semi-distract the sadness for a few days.

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My cute mama! VeroBeachHotelandSpa-14 VeroBeachHotelandSpa-10VeroBeachHotelandSpa-11 VeroBeachHotelandSpa-20VeroBeachHotelandSpa-21 VeroBeachHotelandSpa-17 VeroBeachHotelandSpa-8

A few years ago my mom and I stayed at the Costa D’Este Beach Resort owned by Gloria & Emilio Estefan. We really love being able to drive less than an hour away and arrive at a place that looks like a tropical getaway. Every time I make the drive down to Vero which is not very often, I can’t believe how much different the water looks just driving an hour South. It’s absolutely breathtaking and I feel like I’m on a cruise in the Caribbean.

The hotel itself is realllly fancy. I always feel so strange when you drive up to a hotel and someone opens your door and grabs all of your bags and the toughest thing you have to do is sit up and scoot out of your chair. When I normally get out of my car I refuse to make more than one trip, so I carry 20 bags of groceries, a phone, wallet, purse, and an elephant. It feel so luxurious when someone rolls your giant suitcase straight to your hotel room while you sip flavored lemon water in the lobby. The staff even provides super soft lounge chair covers for you at the beach and pool! Usually hotel pool towels are all bleached out and scratchy but not these towels. I imagine they compare to laying on fluffy white clouds. I was highly impressed with the hotel and loved how cute shops and food were in such close walking distance. Honestly, I would have been just as happy to stay in a tent to be that close to the beach every morning. My true first and only love. If there’s a beach I’m happy.

 As soon as we arrived I was so antsy to get to the beach. Normally with hotels on the beach you can see the beach from the lobby but this particular one you couldn’t. I had to wait until our bags were brought up to our hotel room to go and search for the beach access. The nice bellboy brought our bags and gave way to long of a spiel about all the functions in our room like boring fan and tv controls. All I had on my mind was, beach, beach beach, must get to the beach!!! TV can wait until later and who needs fans anyways? Eventually we made it down to the beach and I was instantly in heaven. We snapped a bunch of these pictures then ran straight back to our room to ditch our clothes and put on our swimsuits! More photos to come soon.

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    Darlene Rego
    August 28, 2016 at 3:54 am

    Beautiful ladies and a lovely place!
    Many,.many years ago my husband, our four kids and I went to Vero Beach for a vacation. That was nice but not near as nice as the place you and your sweet mom stayed at. I’m glad you both had this special time together.

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    Rosalind Alleyne_Hassell
    August 29, 2016 at 3:45 am

    It sure was a wonderful mother & daughter time,and what fun memories
    made too.

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    […] happened. Sweet babies have been born, my mom and I got to go away for one weekend to a hotel in Vero Beach, I’ve been able to travel to Gainesville and St. Pete with friends, swim on the beach, wake […]

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