Merry Cat-mas!

Merry Cat-mas!

CAT Dress-2CAT Dress-12CAT Dress-10CAT Dress-9CAT Dress-7CAT Dress-4CAT Dress-13CAT Dress-3

Cat Dress: Purchased at Dechoe’s Resale in Orlando (originally from LOFT)

Necklace: 31 Bits

Shoes: Old Navy

Sunglasses: Francesca’s

When you find a shift dress with a cat print, you can’t not buy it. Cat print just make everything better. If you wear anything cat print, you will get tons of compliments from all the cat lovers but beware of all the dog lovers, they might attack.

I hype up 31 Bits all of the time but I just love their jewelry! I don’t think I will ever buy a stinky metal necklace ever again. Every time I put on the necklaces, I stare at them in amazement because from far away, you can’t even tell they were constructed from rolled paper.

Hope you all had a Merry Christmas celebrating Jesus Birthday… and cat prints!


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