Selfie Poles and Christmas

Selfie Poles and Christmas


Shirt: LOFT or the same shirt in long sleeve form!

Pants: Similar

Jacket: Similar High and Low

Shoes: Similar or these if you want to look like Zenon of the 21st century 😉

Necklace: Francesca’s

 Can you believe there are only 8 days until Christmas? At work, I am always working a couple weeks ahead as far as dates go, and getting things ready to publish, which oddly always seems to make the month go by way faster. I want to cherish the Christmas season and soak up every second but it’s hard when the month seems to go by so quick. My co-worker today asked me what I had planned the end of March. I had to think about it hard for a few seconds before I could answer. My brain was thinking, just let me finish 2014 before I can begin to process 2015.

Actually, I’ve been taking December slow and really focusing on what Christmas truly means. I love reading the SheReadsTruth Advent Devotionals everyday. Advent is such a great time to refocus and really remember what matters most and that’s Jesus. I’ve always been one to love Christmas but this year it just feels different. I remember year ago, I would have been so sad if my parents didn’t put up a Christmas tree or decorate. Lately at night, I’ve been going in our family room to read and refelct (trying to finally finish reading through the whole Bible) because it’s super dim, has the most fluffiest couch ever and it’s just really relaxing. Our Christmas tree is also in that room and I’ve been starring at it almost every night just thinking to myself, man, Jesus is SO much better than any tree or lights or presents. Don’t get me wrong, I love all of those things but I can feel a change in my heart.

For the first time, I feel like I finally love Jesus way more than the “things” of Christmas. Jesus and the “things” of Christmas always seemed to correlate. Jesus & Lights. Jesus & Presents. Jesus & Christmas Tree. Jesus & Christmas Break. Jesus & Christmas Eve Service. Jesus & Baking. Jesus & Ugly Sweater Party. We have no lights put up this year, the only presents I’ve asked for are things I need (aka car phone charger and a selfie poll, OK kind of kidding about the selfie pole), I no longer get a Christmas Break for a month and I haven’t touched the oven to bake anything in weeks. Years ago, I would truly have been so upset because without any of these things, it just didn’t feel like Christmas. This year though, I know 100% I do not need those “things” because Christmas is Jesus. And Jesus is truly all I ever need or want. Before I’ve unplug the tree and head upstairs for bed, I stare at the tree and silently thank God for Jesus.  I thank Him that I truly desire Jesus more than the tree. December can seem like a month of hectic and crazy, trying to squeeze everything in. I’ve been taking it slow, relaxing and you know what? It’s been great. All of the pressure is off and I can focus all of my attention on the one person who longs for my total attention and that’s Jesus.

^ Okay, I have to admit, I haven’t relaxed everyday so far for the whole month of December. Last weekend my parents decided to take their foster baby, Ella, to Disney for the weekend last weekend and it was really anything but relaxing. Disney was PACKED. And when I say jam packed, I mean, DONT EVER GO TO MAGIC KINGDOM BEFORE CHRISTMAS, LIKE EVER IF YOU WANT TO BE RELAXED. Just a fair warning lol! You were packed in like sardines, there was a million and one strollers and I have never in my life seen so many selfie poles (this video couldn’t be more accurate describing the influx of “South Florida Tourists” with selfie poles). I’m not even sure Ella had much fun but she really seemed to enjoy the hotel room. I also thoroughly enjoyed the hotel room (nice and quiet) but I was with my family and we had tons of fun and made the most of  a hectic weekend. Not every trip can go as perfectly planned, right? But those selfie poles, there were hundreds! I’m all about that Go-Pro, about that Go-Pro, but selfie pole? We sure got a good laugh out of those and am sure we will be seeing more of those around. Tablets out, selfie pole in.

 Other than ranting about selfie poles and Disney, isn’t Chloe, the Golden Retriever in the photos above so cute. I doggie sat her over Thanksgiving and she’s such a sweetie. Plus, her owners have the most spectacular house on the same street that I grew up on. They built a hammock into their backyard lawn and I can vouch that I spent almost the entire weekend in that thing reading and writing. I always forgot how nice it is to wake up in the morning and have complete quiet, it reminds me of living at school. That silence was golden and gave me plenty of quiet time in the mornings to reflect, pray and clear my mind. As much as I love going on adventures and being active, I love relaxing and doing nothing just as much. Their both equally my favorite. But so are salad and cookies. I’m all about those opposites, about those opposites and also “All About that Bass Parodies“.

The point of this post? Relaxing and selfie poles and Jesus are whats up!


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