Pieces of Summer: Part 2

Pieces of Summer: Part 2

A favorite breach for all the locals. It’s always filled with families and colorful umbrellas.

One night in the beginning of summer my sister and I drove to the beach and had a picnic date. I packed us a yummy dinner (turkey sandwiches with avocado and Greek salads) and we ate on the beach and then took pictures and videos with my new camera. Look, I’m walking on water… just kidding.

A cute house by one of the local beaches. I love the circle window at the top!

This is the view you see from the house above! ^ Not to shabby with a view of paradise in your backyard.

A fence by a historic house downtown. I will be showing more of the house in another post. P.S. It might have something to do with Pineapples!

My friend Alyssa and I had gone to the beach earlier this day and after we decided to go on a few adventures around town. We were by ourselves and wanted a cute picture, so I put my camera on a bench and used the self timer. I love this view, it’s right across from a local park and boat entrance that opens up to the river and canals. There are always people boating, paddle boarding, jet-skiing and to the right of my friend and I there are pretty houses with the most spectacular waterfront view.

A sailboat docked in front of one of the houses.

Exploring an old, abandoned house downtown with my best friend! Aren’t the barn style window doors adorable?!

Crystal clear water at the beach one day and a sign letting us know we are in a non-lifeguard zone.

My favorite memories in the summer are with my family. Our foster baby Ella loves being outside and wagon rides, so one night we took a family walk, i.e. my sister ended up pulling us most of the way. Boy, I miss the days where I could be pulled in a wagon everywhere. You know, 20 years ago when I was 4. I remember it like it was yesterday, haha-not really.

I was bored after work one day, so I decided Ella and I would paint each other. She looks happy here but she was not a fan of the paint. Or how I looked with paint all over me. Nonetheless, she still had fun and look how cute she is with the little paintbrush in her hand. She looks like a mini artist. We were doing “ET Phone Home” in the picture. One of her many fun tricks we’ve taught her. The real fun part was washing the “washable” paint off of us in the pool afterwards. Turns out Crayola Tempera Paint is not as washable as one would think. I should have known when the packaging said “great for posters” that it might be super durable. It took a day or two to get the paint completely off of us but it was well worth the fun.

In May I took a trip to Peru to visit my Compassion International Child. You can read more about the trip here (Peru Trip: Day 1). This was at one of the outside markets we went to. The worker was pushing this cart around selling packaged ice cream. I love how the picture captures time, it makes me feel like I am still in Peru walking around the markets!

Piura, Peru. What’s really crazy is that this town is located between the desert and the Pacific Ocean. On the drive down to Piura, I would have never in a million years guessed we would stumble upon the ocean. We traveled desolate desert roads for a few hours until we saw any sign of an ocean. This was by far the poorest town we saw and most of the people who live here are fishermen.Β  They locals support their families solely through the fishing industry. This year the fishing season wasn’t going so well and many of them we’re jobless and praying that the fishing supply would pick back up. They were at a total loss as how to make income for their families.

Pretty landscaping at the water-park where I was able to meet my Compassion Child, Anali! This was at the most anticipated day of the whole trip where you get to meet your Compassion Child. It was a large water-park with a few pools and slides. You can’t tell but the water-park was located smack dab in the middle of the desert. The park was enclosed in a giant fence and once you left the park grounds, you entered back into the desert. We were kind of in an island oasis. Desert surrounding us and pools with water slides were located inside the park compound.

The Western most point of Peru on the Pacific Ocean called La Punta. It looks much colder than it actually was. For a Florida girl I thought the ocean felt refreshing. Of course, I had to drip my feet in the water. I couldn’t travel all the way to Peru and not put my feet into the Pacific Ocean!

If I had to sum up my summer I would say I love anything to do with being outside, exploring, swimming, the beach, friends and my family. Summer is my favorite season. Most likely because it’s summer almost year round here but there is just something about summer that makes me feel so alive. The sunshine, bright colors, in season fruit, just everything about it makes me so happy. I never want it to end.

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