Adventures in Juicing

Adventures in Juicing
Only recently have I really gotten into juicing. After reading about the benefits of juicing, researching tons of recipes and talking about it constantly to my parents, we finally watched Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead one night. They’ve heard my blabber about all the health benefits and cleansing properties but I don’t think it really clicked until they watched that documentary. My dad was so into it! Especially how Joe (the main character) completely cured his autoimmune disease by his strict juicing diet.
It turns out my parents were so into this whole juicing thing that they bought a juicer from Target on sale recently. The juicer itself does the job, but if you are going to be hardcore juicing, I would recommend one with a little more power. Those cost anywhere from $100-$300, but it’s totally worth the investment in my opinion if you will be juicing regularly.
Our sweet foster baby E wanted to get in on the juicing action but I kept having to place her behind the baby gate (I call it baby jail). Doesn’t she look so sweet though, stuck behind those plastic bars.
I’m an avid smoothie maker. I make them all the time for breakfast. At least 4-5x’s a week. Especially after an early morning Saturday workout. Their my fav! I have the smoothie process down pat and for the most part I know what does and does not taste good mixed together. It’s really an art form.
Juicing is something I’m a little more unfamiliar with. The process is overall more time consuming and pricey than making smoothies. It takes a larger fruit/veggie ratio to make a simple juice, where a whole pineapple, two apples, and an avocado would make me a weeks worth (3-4) of smoothies using a Vitamix.
Recently when I was in Peru, my friend Lee and I, who I met on the trip were discussing our eating habits and got to talking about juicing. Our group leaders advised us that it was in our best interest to stay away from any sort of leafy greens like lettuce. This was totally harsh for a few of us healthy eaters on the trip. She said she juices daily and that her body was craving some of those greens she normally gets everyday. I was feeling the same way, just wanting tons of salad and smoothies instead of juice.
For the duration of the trip, we both just dreamed of the leafy greens would be eating in a few days. This is when she introduced me to Jason Vale’s 7lbs in 7 Days Juicing App. I could not wait to get home and try some of the juices! There are so many recipes for both juices and smoothies. The recipe I tried was called Super Juice.
Super Juice Recipe
2 Golden Delicious Apples
1/4 Pineapple
1/4 cucumer
1/2 Lime
(Add in juice to a blender with the ingredients below to make a smoothie)
1/4 Avocado
To make the Super Juice, I  used 6 apples, a whole pineapple, 1 cucumber and 2 limes that filled 3 quart sized mason jars. The juice turned out to be a green/yellow color and looked very similar to plain pineapple juice. It tasted delicious. The app then says to throw the juice (apples, pineapple, cucumber and lime) into a blender with an avocado. I also added kale to give it more substance. The juice alone is amazing and super sweet. It was like drinking candy. To tone it down a bit for breakfast, I added kale to the mix.
What are some of your favorite juicing recipes? I am open to anything and everything that tastes good!

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