My Sunny List No. 3

Another week down. Check. I kind of love reminiscing back on the days when all I had to worry about was what swimsuit I was going to wear, who I was going to hang out with and the fun carefree attitude you have when you forget what day of the week it is during summer. Even though I am still working, I find it so fun forgetting what day of the week it is. Brings me wayyyy back and makes me feel 16 again.

Good thing I remembered tomorrow is Friday (writing this as I watch Below Deck as we speak). These lists are such a fun way to reflect on the week and look for the little joys in life that make me smile. Now that I am thinking of it, I am getting package I ordered tomorrow with a woven headband I have had my eye on. It really is the simple things!

8 Things That Brought Joy This Week

ONE // Nothing is more exciting to me than getting off of work early and going for a swim! On Thursday I finished up all of my phone calls and emails and swam for a few hours then had a pizza night with my family. Best pizza of m life! My little niece and nephew came into town for a few days during the weekend so it was the perfect excuse to catch up!

TWO // 2 for $3 Justin’s Cashew and Almost Butter cups from the health food store. There’s no denying it, I LOVE chocolate with my entire being and if you have never tried this brand, you need to! Originally I went to get more loose leaf tea and was even more excited when I found chocolate on sale!

THREE // Taking morning walks around my neighborhood. On Instagram stories, I mentioned that I had changed my morning routine a bit during quarantine. After I’d sleep, I would wake up, eat breakfast, read my Bible and journal sometimes then start on work until lunch. I knew I needed to move my body beforehand for my own sanity and to feel more productive. Now I take a 15 min walk around my pool or my block and it is just so relaxing to start the morning off right.

FOUR // Shopping for fabric online! Two of my favorite bloggers, Carly and Ashley are putting together an event on Instagram Live on how to make DIY hair ties! I was so excited when I heard about it, I instantly started browsing fabrics and have narrowed it down to a few. Can’t wait to show you all! Little tidbit about me, I was a fashion/culinary teacher for a year and learned how to sew in high school! I’m giddy about putting my sewing skills to use with a fun craft!

FIVE // These striped beach towels that are on sale for under $5. Crazy steal! I am sure they are not the most amazing quality on earth and most likely a little thin yet still super cute! I have some products to shoot for a brand and may buy a few of these towels to add some color!

SIX // Finishing all three seasons of Dead To Me. Have you watched this amazing show on Netlflix?! A recent widow (Christina Applegate) searches for the hit-and-run driver who killed her husband. The shows are each 30 minutes which means you can breeze through a season in no time. It’s filled with both humor and slight suspense. There’s a billion twists and turns and keeps you guessing.

SEVEN // Having a giant group chat with my family. My little niece put 9 of us in a chat and it’s just so funny. My phone had over 75 texts the other day and I am a 0 inbox kind of girl. HA!

EIGHT // My sister sending me videos of the little 3 month old girl she nannies. She has olive skin, dark black hair and her mom dresses her in the cutest outfits with matching headbands. She is such a talker and has a smile that lights up the world. Nothing is cuter than a little babe!

Lots of Sunshine,


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