2019 Gift Guide For Her: 15 Under $50!

When it comes to gift giving, I am ALL about personalized, meaningful and thoughtful gifts! My favorite people to shop for are my sister, BFF, close friends and my mom! Aka the girls in my life! Growing up, my mom always showed my sisters and I so much love by giving meaningful gifts. Giving and receiving gifts is truly her love language and she passed that onto me! Buying gifts that people love and can use all year makes me so so happy. There’s just something so special and heartfelt when you receive a gift thats well thought out.

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Instead of just buying fluffy gifts you find when waiting in a checkout line, I give as much thought as possible to make sure the girl I’m shopping for get’s a heartfelt gift from me. Every year, I almost always give one of my friends a journal! Most of my friends journal, so it’s always fun to find one that fits their personality. Really though, who doesn’t need a journal?! They can be used for daily dairies, list writing or just jotting down quick thoughts.

When my best friend Alyssa got married, I bought her a beautiful floral journal to document her wedding planning and 1st year of marriage! I can already think of 2-3 friends I will probably gift journals to!

FYI…I am totally one of those people who is completely done Christmas shopping on Black Friday or by the absolute latest, the very first week of December. I made this list with YOU in mind! For those last minute gifts (or stocking suffers!) that won’t break the bank but still show those girls in your life that you care!

15 Gifts for Her Under $50

ONE / As much as I love fashion, I rarely gift the girls in my life clothes. Now when it comes to jewelry that is a totally different story. I love gifting jewelry, especially when it’s from 31 Bits. Their a long time favorite company of mine with a mission to provide jobs to artisans in places like Bali and Indonesia. You can never go wrong with a simple and beautiful gold necklace. It’s charming, you can layer it and it’s handmade!

TWO / Ah, good ole Target gift sets! I actually loved the interchangeable tassel earring set from last year that I bought it for myself. What’s Christmas without treating yo self?! 😉 This statement earring gift set is for the girls in your life who like a little bling! The earrings would be perfect for NYE outfits or fancy yearly events!

THREE / These were the journals I mentioned earlier! Rifle Paper Co. hand designs the prettiest floral prints ever and their handmade in the USA! They are an easy and thoughtful gift! I love love love the print on this journal. It would make really pretty table or bookshelf decor too! No one would turn down an opportunity to journal with one this pretty!

FOUR / A little secret?! I ordered these slippers for my sister in the leopard print! How cute is the sparkle and fur?! For sure to keep you warm on a crisp winter day, even if your Florida girls like us!

FIVE / If there is one gift to give, I would 100% recommend a Swell water bottle! I have two and use them every single day! As a tradition, my family picks a secret Santa to gift to and last year I asked for the white 60oz water bottle from mine! Having these bottles on hand makes it easy to get more than enough water for the day.

SIX / Everyone can use a new phone charger! It’s one of those items where you seem to have way to many, then when it comes down to packing or needing one for another room, they all disappear.

SEVEN / This is the gift to get your dog loving friend! It’s a doggy clean up bag dispenser. You can easily hook it to your dogs leash and use it on walks, car rides or trips! My best friend loves her dogs so much and is a total floral girl, so I know she’d love a heartfelt gift like this! A way to a girls heart is totally through her dogs (or cats!)

EIGHT / This super cute case is for your phone accessories! It comes in a few colors which makes it super easy to personalize! I love the fuzz. Cheesy yet cute!

NINE / Every girl in their life needs reusable snack/sandwich bags! Their made out of silicone which makes it easy to wash and store away. Honestly, I know all my friends would be thrilled to use these and skip out on zip-lock bags!

TEN / Mugs will always be one of those easy, yet super personalized and heartfelt gifts! I love the idea of picking out a mug with their first initial on the front! I could have 100 mugs in my cabinet but if my friend gifted me one, I’d be just as thrilled to add another to the collection!

ELEVEN / Warning, if you buy this fleece jacket for one friend, all the others will want one to! My sister and I found these jackets at Old Navy during a chilly girls shopping night. She bought the lilac color and I bought the white! We sent photos to our BFF, Alyssa, showing off our new jackets, and she was so influenced she went the next day and bought one.

TWELVE / For all your organized friends or who want to be more organized in the new year. This calendar is full of color, encouragement and is made by one of my favorite companies whose mission is to help women with goal planning!

THIRTEEN & FOURTEEN / These Essie nail polishes work as a last minute gift! Pick out your friend or co-workers fav color and add it into their stocking! I always buy my Essie when I have a Target run and just want to get something exciting yet not crazy expensive. FOURTEEN /

FIFTEEN / Whenever I am at Target, I always see this Raw Sugar body scrub gift pack. There’s always that one friend who loves pampering themselves, taking long showers and know for having the best skincare routine. This gift is for her!

The descriptions are a little long winded like usual (I can’t help it, I’m a talker ha!). Do you see any gifts you’d love to give to the ladies in your life?! I’m always open to suggestions. Please let me know if you’d prefer a short or long description or none at all!

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    December 6, 2019 at 9:40 am

    I love the items listed in this gift guide! May have to send this to my husband as a hint of some of the things I wouldn’t mind for the holidays this year 😉 Thank you for sharing!

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      Sunshine Style
      December 9, 2019 at 6:58 pm

      Thanks so much Ro!! SO glad you found some items you love!!!

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