My Weekend: Officially a Trinity Fitness Trainer!

This was a special weekend for me because I officially became a trainer for Trinity Fitness! Trinity is the gym I workย out at! All day Saturday and part of Friday were the trainer certification days. Sadly that means there are no photos of the boyfriend and I’s adventures because our schedules didn’t work to hangout this weekend. I’m sure your not quite as sad as I am but as I write this it’s making me realize how much I miss him!! #mushyreport





Yep, I am now a certified trainer for TF Beachside!! I’ve worked out there for almost 4 years and have made so many friends along the way!! I almost don’t want to admit it but I workout there religiously 2-3x’s/week. ha. What can I say, my body works well on a regimented workout schedule.

During our certification days we learned about proper technique, how to run a class and we also had to give a short 5 minute devotional. Trinity is a faith-based gym, so each workout begins with prayer and a quick devo and ends with prayer! It’s super awesome and I love it, plus it’s right across from the beach! I’m nervous-excited to start training (if that’s even a word?!) but I’m eager to get started!

On Saturday night we were invited to Jason’s house (the person who started TF) and were fed a delicious catered dinner. Pretty sure I’m the only person who went to get seconds. This girl can eat hahaha! At the end of the night we were given our official red trainer shirts and had to put them on for a group photo. T-shirt and dresses DO NOT mix well lol. Everyone else was smart and wore pants. I felt like a Duggar girl. No offense to the Duggar’s, I’m just not a fan of shirts and skirts unless their high-waisted.



Sunday was a special day because my boyfriend preached on stage at the church he works at. His dad is the main Pastor but he was out of town, so it was Josh who had to step up to the plate. I loved watching him work the stage and kill it! It makes me so excited to see him on stage and I’m just excited for him in general that he gets to be in his element!

After church we went out to eat and ate tacos for lunch at a place called Fiesta Azteca! Yummmy!!! We usually order tacos for me and a Chimichanga for him and it only costs $19 for both of us! No wonder we like that place so much!



When I got home from lunch I was so full and tired. I laid on the couch for a bit then I realized that was a dumb idea. It made much more sense to put my swimsuit on and lay outside by the pool if I wanted to rest. So that’s what I did. Gotta kill two birds with one stone when the opportunity arises. I also read my Bible some and took photos, so maybe that’s 4 birds with one stone!

I’m pretty pasty and haven’t worked up a base tan so I only sat outside for 40 minutes or so. Then I came back inside, got dressed and headed to LOFT to return some clothes I ordered online that didn’t fit right. Sad sad day when LOFT clothes don’t fit right. Then I drove past my boyfriends church (it was on the way back from the shopping mall) and left a fun note on his car to surprise him after he got done at work.

At night my sister and I decided to help my parents out and go grocery shopping for them at Publix. Love #clubpub by the way! That was an adventure to say the least. Seriously, they made it so hard to find simple cream cheese. And don’t dare step foot in the 10 items or less line with 1000 items in your cart. I was warned by the kind employee that I may get yelled at if I accidentally unload my cart onto the conveyor belt. Woopsies. Thanks to the girl who told me that and most likely saved my butt! Other than that we made it home safely and only forgot 5 items on the list (just kidding!).

Next weekend is my Birthday and I have plans to go to the beach and wear a new pretty dress! Be on the lookout for that fun post!







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    April 5, 2017 at 2:09 am

    Congrats! That’s a great accomplishment!


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      April 5, 2017 at 4:34 pm

      Thanks so much Kaitlin!!!!! I’m really excited.

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