Longboarding in Downtown St. Pete

Longboarding in Downtown St. Pete

During the month of August I traveled around Florida almost every weekend to visit friends. During one of my trips I went to St. Petersburg with my friend Erin to visit her boyfriend Daniel. He lives in the cutest apartment in Downtown St. Pete just 5 blocks from the water. I love the Tampa/St.Pete/Clearwater area, it has the best mix of beach, downtown and city vibes with a million activities to choose from. We arrived around 4:30 PM on Saturday and couldn’t wait to get down by the water. Before I had left, my friend Erin text me reminding me to bring my longboard because there was a super fun sidewalk along the water where people skate, rollerblade and run! There was nothing to worry about because I always keep my board in my car just in case. You wouldn’t believe how many times I’ve been so bummed because I didn’t have my longboard with me and missed out on super cool parks and places to skate around. Erin and Daniel both had rollerblades and I had my longboard to skate with. Once Erin and I arrived, we threw our bags down in the apartment, put on our swimsuits and headed straight to St. Pete Downtown Waterfront to skate around!


St Pete Longboarding

Twinning in our visors from Nike!

St Pete Longboarding-2 St Pete Longboarding-3 St Pete Longboarding-4 St Pete Longboarding-5

It had rained before we arrived, so we had to go off roading a few times to keep my board from getting wet. During our first off road adventure, Erin found a $20 bill in the bushes. We were so excited because we had seen an ice cream truck a few minutes earlier but didn’t have any cash with us. You can bet what we did next. We chased down the sketchy ice cream truck like little kids on Christmas morning!

St Pete Longboarding-6 St Pete Longboarding-7

There’s Erin chasing down the ice cream man! He even told us he has a YouTube video that he’s famous in.

St Pete Longboarding-8

Picking out ice cream!

St Pete Longboarding-9 St Pete Longboarding-10

Daniel and Erin. Aren’t they cute!? It was really hot out, so we all thoroughly enjoyed our ice cream.

St Pete Beach-10

My Outfit: AE, Shorts: Gap, Shoes: Vans, Visor’s: Nike, and Swimsuit: Cupshe

I got the best Sonic the Hedgehog Ice Cream Bar that was blueberry flavor and delicious! The gumballs that made up the eyes were kind of gross though!

St Pete Longboarding-11 St Pete Longboarding-12

Gosh I can’t even explain how much I love the sidewalk right by the water! I wish we had one on the East Coast close to my town!

St Pete Longboarding-13 St Pete Longboarding-14 St Pete Longboarding-15

Being silly and taking a break. See that bridge in the back? Erin had a mishap and was going down it full speed and couldn’t stop fast enough before almost crashing into me while I was on my board. Luckily she hit those weird concrete pavers were standing on and it slowed her down so she didn’t fly into oncoming traffic.

St Pete Longboarding-16

St Pete Longboarding-18 St Pete Longboarding-17

My Swimsuit is from Cupshe and on sale! My Longboard is a Globe and I bought it on Cyber Monday two years ago for a super great price! Our visors are Nike brand! We are purposely twinning and both love visors because they keep the sun out of your eyes while still lightening our hair! I had bought my visor from Bealls first and then Erin saw mine and liked it so much, she went and bought her own. I really like the Women’s tennis visors because they aren’t adjustable and there’s no Velcro for your hair to get tangled in.

After our skate session, we stopped at Spa Beach Park to swim in the river! It felt amazing! As we were skating back to Daniel’s appt we saw his parents eating dinner in downtown St. Pete and stopped to talk. It definitely caught us all by surprise but it was fun to meet his family! Their exact words before they knew it was their son and his girlfriend, plus her friend skating down the sidewalk were, “Those people look like their having so much fun!”. It’s true, we had a blast and I can’t wait to go back to visit again!









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