Connect the Dots

Connect the Dots

Shirt: Similar

Shorts: Similar

Necklace: Local Antique Mall

Shoes: Ix Style

Clutch: Similar minus the giant rabbits tail

I can’t remember exactly who or what comment that was made about these shorts but it was something along the lines of, “those look like your wearing an octopus”. Every time I wear them now I can’t help but laugh. I’m wearing shorts that someone thinks looks like Octopus suction cups and I am okay with that! These eyelet shorts are really my favorite though and look how cute they would be in a romper form.

This week has been sort of a whirlwind. You know when life throws you curve-balls and they all seem to come at you the exact same time- going 100 mph. It’s the feeling of being overwhelmed, inadequate and not sure how to help someone in need. Not knowing exactly how to handle everything or how to give it all to God at the same time. But God’s been showing me so much grace and goodness throughout this week too. It’s a lot to process and take in all at once. How can there be joy and sorrow all at the same time and so much pain but so much happiness too?

My best friend was in a terrible car accident last Monday. I had no idea if she was okay or not. It kind of wrecked me, brought me down to my knees-asking God for understanding. I was able to visit her in the hospital and a few times since shes been home. Things like this change your perspective. I left her house on Monday night feeling so overwhelmingly grateful that my best friend was still alive and able to talk. It’s moments like that, that I live for. True and pure thankfulness for my friend and for life. Like I said, kind of a whirlwind of a week!

I’m ready to embrace the weekend and have some fun. My friend is having a birthday party and she’s renting a giant inflatable slide! We’re keeping that kid alive inside of us forever, I don’t think they will ever leave. Life is way more fun through a kids eye anyways! I’m excited for the Fashion and Faith Link Up to be starting again! It’s always fun finding new bloggers and where they are from.

Hope you all have a sunny weekend!

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